I wish u guys work as fast as my clock!

  • I'm glad to see the fix posted, hope it works and stays alive. But, like others have already posted I am concerned about my person address staying available on the internet like this!

  • The displayed list of 11 "Existing Addresses" aboove only shows if you have yet to create an account. Once you have created an account to place an order, the only address visible under your account is your address info. This does not appear in the list of available addresses once you have created the account and will continue to only show the 11 addresses in the above screen shot.

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    @csroc said in I wish u guys work as fast as my clock!:

    @EleksMaker-Z planning to order as well but I have noticed an unusual issue with your checkout. Pretty sure I shouldn't be able to see those other addresses!


    oH, we will try to fix that right now!!

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    @Zax must be fixed, thx!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I received my new upgraded board kit today.
    Unfortunately this did not fix the current issue with my clock in that 5 out of the six displays constantly flicker so that the values are unreadable. With the old controller board, the flickering would stop and start intermittently, so not flicker all the time. This is still occurring with the replacement board upgrade as well. The device did not flicker on the original power supply until 6 weeks ago. I have tried with 4 different USB power supplies and all give the same flickering result.

    After troubleshooting with cs@eleksmaker.com directly I was able to isolate the flickering issue to the second LED board on my clock and they have organised shipping a replacement. Well done to them.

  • Does this upgraded board fix the clock accuracy?

    Does it fix the flickering last two digits on the 6 bit version?

    the last two digits on mine only flicker when the seconds are between 40 and 49

  • The clock accuracy definitely has improved. The clock appears to only have lost 2 seconds in the past three weeks since I installed the new board and reset the time.

    As for the flickering issue, my clock was flickering constantly from the second digit through to the 6th digit making the time unreadable, only the first digit was flicker free. After discussions directly with cs@eleksmaker.com after sending them a video of what the display was doing, they isolated the issue to my second LED board. When this was bypassed, the clock returned to normal - though it looks funny with the second digit blank, and only displaying down to ten's of seconds. Once I get the replacement LED board, I will update on the result.

    One thing I found that by using a different USB power supply, the flickering varied in frequency, but could not correct the problem. With your display only flickering between a certain value, you could try testing with a different USB power supply and see if that fixes your flickering issue.

    Update: My replacement LED board arrived today and fixed my flickering problem. The clock has now been returned to its rainbow glory.

  • Got my replacement board kit, unfortunately no mounting hardware for the switch board. I'll have to source something for that myself, I suppose.

  • @dnaman

    My new board showed up today. Are there instructions somewhere?

  • There is a video showing the assembly of the clock as one of the early posts in this forum:


    You just need to remove the 4 screws holding the bottom on. Remove the bottom plate carefully as the lead from the LED boards to the controller board mounted on the bottom is very short. Disconnect this lead and the bottom plate is now free.
    Replace the controller board,.
    You will then need to remove the two screws holding the bland end plate on as you substitute the replacement end with the mounted switch board on this end.

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