T2 Laser loses center every burn

  • Hey Zax,

    I have no idea how to fix this. Every time I hit "Control Laser" when the "T2 Laser Controller" window pops up my x and y coords are:

    x: -40.0
    y: -60.0

    If I right click on home they both change to 0,0 which is correct, and I can burn just fine.

    However, if I close the laser controller and open it up again I'm back to -40,-60 but the laser head hasn't moved. I have to remember to set home every time I open that window or else I'm burning in the wrong spot.

    Any idea on how to fix this? My engraver is a stock Banggood with Grbl 1.1e.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @scubanarc You've saved an offset in the Nano. This is typically used with homing switches.

    It's an easy fix.

    Click "Clear Grbl Positions" from the Machine menu.

  • Fantastic! That fixed it. Thanks so much for the reply.

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