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  • Hi Sax - from the UK - across the puddle from you Sir,

    I am hoping for a bunch product support questions to be answered please ?
    Probably all simple & silly compared to experience product users, but needing to get step by step instructions to get parts CUT with your software asap ?

    You ok with this ?, + it may also help other new users logging on here with same issues.
    Sorry to be a pain, but I am NOT a software person at all.... just mechanical stuff for me :-)
    Grant B

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Grant-B I may be across the pond but I'm from the UK also.

    Yes, active and timely support is a major reason to choose T2Laser. It's also a very stable platform for running your machine so you can spend more time making things and less pulling your hair out.

    So cutting requires a vector, that is a path for the laser to follow. There are 2 ways you can get this, the first is importing a vector from a drawing or CAD program. You can use Inkscape (free) or any other program that will export a DXF file, QCAD is popular (free or paid) but there are many. The second way is to load an image and trace it, T2Laser offers several ways to do this and the results will vary depending on the image you start with. Have you watched my Starter Series videos in the Help menu? I cover tracing and I also have a quick guide on my website (raster to vector).

    If you have specific questions or even want help converting files you can always e-mail me or post. E-mail gets the fastest response and registered users also get preference.

  • many thanks Zax.

    Re purchasing your T2L package..
    I have a trial on my laser laptop currently.... how do I buy the full version & get the discount ??

    Also, what is involved in getting the TTl firmware loaded to the EleksMana mother board ?

    Re pulling my hair out - there is very little of that stuff left any way lol.

    One thing I am hoping to do, is get my design/CAD chappy to give me the DXF files ALSO in PDF/JPG format so I can simply trace them with your T2L set-up & cut the parts with minimum of fuss.
    I simply don't have the patience, time or knowledge to learn all this CAD stuff.... it's gotta be simple, quick & easy or it's not gonna happen for me..

    Thanks in advance

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Grant-B In the top bar there's a Register link, click that and you'll see a Buy Now button. That will give you the $5 discount.


    I'm not sure what firmware you have now but to load my default firmware is really easy. Click the one in the Machine menu, it's called 1.1e DEFAULT.


    Importing a DXF will be better quality than saving the vector to a raster image and then converting back to the vector as there are losses involved, just send me a couple of example DXF files he provides and I will take a look for you. If you ask for R14 DXF he should be able to provide something you can just load and cut. This also has the benefit you can map the DXF colors to different laser power and/or feed rates and do other things that tracing won't allow.

  • You're a STAR Sax,
    You got a new customer...

    More importantly, I am selling these UK built laser cutters shortly & also got 300 units crowd funded so far for 1200 x 600 work area (& other sizes) with 15 watt lasers for £875 with air assist, extraction, eye protection filters fitted, vented beds, etc etc,
    So some good software options for my customers will be good, especially if I can supply the T2L trial Zipped & help files on a SD card, potentially, i will get you hundreds of new customers...

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Grant-B I would like to hear more, can you send me details or a link to your machine (see PM for my personal e-mail). If you are using a genuine Arduino Nano you could provide a licensed copy of T2Laser with the machines.

  • Hi Zax,
    I am using the Genuine EleksMana mother boards, not copies.
    The real ones seem to be more reliable & better build quality & "simply work" with no messing about.
    Pics to follow shortly, just finishing a build.

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