Test G-Code supplied with kit

  • Watching various You Tube videos of the EleksMill, it seems as if there is already loaded, some test g-code to mill a dragon test piece.
    Is this g-code available for downloading from anywhere, or can I save it for the future?

  • http://wiki.eleksmaker.com/doku.php?id=artcam
    U can look tutorial here, dear

  • It seems that artcam has been discontinued. I would not wish to use a cracked copy. My question was really where to download the dragon g-code files. Also would one of the expert EleksMill users be prepared to produce a EleksMill 101 article?
    For example, first switch on, download software, make first test piece etc. Any pitfalls to beware of and so on.
    This would be invaluable for first time CNC beginners (like me ;))

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @swarfmaker T2Laser will generate 2.5D or 3D G-code and run the machine (no other software required).

    You can use any image, as a quick example I loaded a jpg and inverted to make it a positive.


    Note: The 3D simulation was done using ncviewer (the viewer in T2Laser is 2.5D only)

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