Replacement Z-axis

  • The motors that I have are extremely weak, even with the stepper drivers turned up to maximum. This causes problems When trying to do use a height map on a PCB (it constantly pushes the Z-Axis up, so there is no engrave). I can easily replace the X and Y (Which I have), but I don't know where to get a Z that is stronger and has a screw through it. Does anyone have a source?

    Also, does anyone know the strength of the default set on the Eleksmill?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Enoemos-Esle It's unlikely a motor issue, if you have the stepper current too high you'll experience very poor motion and stalling the same as if you have insufficient current. Is there any binding in the mechanics?

  • No, The mechanics are smooth. I have already found a replacement, and that works fine. Thanks.

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