Eleksdraw A3 reference point

  • Hello guys,

    I just got my A3 and everything is working fine I just got some problems with the reference points when starting the code.
    The machine does not know where it should start for example the gcode says to move -50 in x direction and the plotter drives against himself.
    Is there any solution to this.
    My second question is: How to generate the GCode from Inkscape to Eleksdraw in the same Format. If I have a Text in size 50 on Inkscape it happens to be very small in real. Do you know some settings which would change this?
    One more thing is that I would like to have a text without outlining it in Inkscape. It should just take the vector from the middle of the Font or letter and not the shape.
    We are using Inkscape because we need some different Fonts than the Default ones from EleksDraw. We make some cards which should be cut from A3, thats why we want to use every space available and especially Format the whole A3 and just convert it to the Eleksdraw.
    Thank you guys in advance!

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