Need Help. new to T2

  • I am new to T2 program, and to be honest, its the only one that will work for my eleskmaker laser. I am still using preview mode to see how it works.

    Problem 1. preview laser doesnt come on. I have adjusted preview to 250 with nothing showing.

    Problem 2. When it works, it prints backwards, i think i should try to switch my y wires.

    overall seems like a good program, just wanna be able to preview and mess around more with it.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @kaleiponi Well let me start with the easy one first, in the Settings menu on the Laser Controller you can select Reverse Axis as needed to get the direction matching the arrow icons. You could swap wires but clicking the menu is easier ;)


    OK, now for the Engrave Frame (Laser ON) function. Does the laser switch on and off correctly from the manual laser controls?


    If it does, set the manual laser power to 1000 and then test the Engrave Frame again. If you are using my default firmware (which I recommend) max power would be 255 but just to test it setting 1000 will guarantee maximum power.


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