New Controller Board + flashing issue.

  • I received my new upgraded board kit today. Installed and it definitely fixed the clock speed issue. The clock accuracy definitely has improved. The clock appears to only have lost 2 seconds in the past three weeks since I installed the new board and reset the time.

    Unfortunately this did not fix the current issue with my clock in that 5 out of the six displays constantly flicker so that the values are unreadable. The device did not flicker on the original power supply until 6 weeks ago. I have tried with 4 different USB power supplies and all give the same flickering result.

    After troubleshooting with directly I was able to isolate the flickering issue to the second LED board on my clock and they have organised shipping a replacement. Well done to them.

    Update 2:
    My replacement LED board arrived today and fixed my flickering problem. The clock has now been returned to its rainbow glory

    Update 3:
    After running with the new controller board for over 4 weeks, the clock has managed to only lose time by 2 seconds. This equates to 30 seconds over a year. Very happy with the improved accuracy of the new controller board.

  • Eleksmaker uses low quality components and the customer service is also works the same like this clock... i wrote twice and they answered there will be an upgraded control panel and they will send for only 18 USD after i bought this expensive clock for 140 USD. Do not buy from this company they collect your money and then do not care about the buyer anymore. They know there some problem with the product that is why they make a new control board because the clock is also not accurate not any of this... And the advice in the reply mail was just disable the color mode and switch to one color mode...

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  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    @Csikker said in New Controller Board + flashing issue.:

    And the advice in the reply mail was just disable the color mode and switch to one color mode

    sry , where you buy it ? if they refuse the fix , pls directly send email to our , we will help help you free fix , thx.

  • This is exactly the same issue that I had, except in my case the last 5 digits were flashing as opposed to just three in your case. I contacted Elksmaker by email at and they were able to diagnose the fault to being an issue with the LED board under the first flashing set of digits.

    To confirm the issue you just need to remove the bottom plate and bypass the first flashing board to see if the rest of the LED's past the initial flashing board return to normal.

    They sent me a replacement board free of charge. I replaced the board and all the digits returned to their normal mode.

    I could not fault them with this.

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    @Kieran thx for understood

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