Limit Switches / Home Position

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    Yes, good topic. Home switches are the #1 improvement to these machines.

    The default firmware expects 2 normally open switches in parallel between D9 and GND, like this:


    Then you enable it from the menu, and you'll now see the house icon change to red:


    Now when you press it you'll have the option to automatically home the machine. It will first move left to find the X switch and then forwards to locate the Y switch, after that it will set 0,0 (machine and workpiece) and you are ready to go.

    This allows you to use the Presets to move accurately to set locations on your machine.

    I also include firmware that allows you to have 2 separate switches (using D9 for X and D10 for Y) or 3 (D12 for Z) if you have a CNC. You may need to adjust some Grbl parameters manually depending on switches you use but the defaults usually work, just let me know.

  • Am I right in thinking that the pins on the right hand side of the ManaSE 2 v3.1/2 mirror the pins on the nano and could be a non-soldering option for home or limit switches?


  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @mac2474 Yes. D9, 10 and 12 would be the pins depending on your configuration and firmware. As I said, my default firmware uses D9 only.

  • Hi Zax,
    Please forgive me for being Moronic AGAIN...
    D 9 & 10 .... and the other wire from each switch go to the Ground pin when using the EleksMaker board & running EleksCAM ?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Grant-B EleksCAM doesn't support home switches, this is for T2Laser using my firmware.

    D9 and GND are pins from the Nano, if you have the board shown above that header has them available if not you would need to solder or connect directly to the Nano pins (from the board).

  • AHA..... another good reason to find some free time & actually learn this T2L package of yours I bought....

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Grant-B Yes, T2Laser supports rotary axis, homing, dynamic laser power and so much more.

  • @Zax Hi, can you tell me the name/description for this plug that fits on the pins at the end of the board ?? It looks the ideal answer to the problem of soldering and will I get them on Amazon, EBay ??
    Don W
    PS Would 7/0.22 equipment wire be suitable for wiring these switches ?? I have quite a bit left from wiring the 00gauge railways.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @donwatson It looks like a standard IDC header connector but it would be easier to use single pin dupont crimps.

  • Thanks Zax

  • All I did was use the existing black connector, but removed the the un-needed pins.0_1554369789581_s-l1600-2.jpg

  • I am sorry, I don't have one of those. I will order the single pin dupont crimps when I get back from holiday.
    Thanks for the help.
    Don W

  • Just a word of caution here, don't run the limit switch wires close to the motor wires. The interference can cause the homing to stop in the wrong place. Use an opto isolator if you get this problem or route the wires differently.



  • Hi, I did put 2 switches front and left of machine as above but when i press home it goes right. If when it goes right i press with my hand the switch it stops and doesn't try to home the y axis. Did i do something wrong? Thanks

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