more ghosting/alignment issues

  • ever since buying an endurance laser 10w I've had some issues with ghosting/alignment, originally it was on the X axis, took some tinkering but figured it out, with the heavier weight the tension needed tightening and set screw was slipping, after that I was up and running and then out of no where I started having ghosting/alignment issues on the Y axis. Since I dealt with this once I figured I'd be able to fix it easy enough by tightening the two belts and set screws, I also 3d printed an upgrade on the X axis to help the wheels set tighter on the gantry and make it roll smoother.... I haven't been able to solve this issue, heres a pic of lines burning left to right, you can see it has an interesting wave to it and it also has a bend to it, the line isn't straight across, any ideas?!0_1555635519291_laser wobble.jpg

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    @tucker298 It's probably one or more wheels out of round, do you have the black V wheels or the older POM style?

    You can 3D print an adjuster which may help but the solution may be to replace the wheels.

  • ok, I do have the 3d printed adjuster, and I never even thought of the wheels but it makes complete sense. I think I have the black wheels but heres a pic, let me know if there are better wheels out there.!0_1555689945815_t2-1.jpg 0_1555689956561_t2-2.jpg

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    @tucker298 There are some that are solid rather than the full V, they're more rigid and last longer but yours should work fine unless one or more are out of round.

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