cut wood with z-axis spindle 555 motor

  • I have upgraded my A3 laser machine with z axis and the mana 3 axis:

    I have a lot of questions :
    1 - the spindle motor has a dc to 12V, where to connect in the board?
    2 - the spindle motor has a 2 pin connector (is it used for start/stop the motor?). Where do I connect it in the board?
    3 - I wanted to start by having a 2D image in T2 laser and carving that image 2mm
    deep in the wood. I just can't find a decent tutorial to do this. Can someone help me

    Thank you in advance

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Pedro-Tainha The spindle connects to the motor output. When you say carve an image, do you mean 3D?

    The 2 common modes are 2.5D where the Z axis moves independently (up/down) and then the machine follows a path. With 3D the Z moves simultaneously up/down with the XY to create a carving. You can convert an image to vector and do 2.5D or you can use a relief image and follow the grey scale contours. I would suggest to start with 2.5D for simplicity.

  • Hello. Yes, 3D. Thanks for quick reply. I will try to see how to do it in the software.

  • I Don't see any motor output in the 3 axis mana board I have... If you take a look at the board, the connectors are different from the eleskmill 3 axis board

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Pedro-Tainha The link you posted shows Servo, Laser, Motor and other outputs. On the diagram it's the M3/GND connector.

  • Ok, motor works now but I can't find any configuration 2.5 or 3D.

    I tried to work just like this without any piece to cut and the xy axis goes line by line, the z axis don't move and motor start and stop i guess according to image region that he has to cut...

    But without z movement if I Trying to do this in a wood piece will break my drill 😞

    Also every time I manually stop the work or the trial end. The board trigger the motor drilling 3s more or less (can this be avoid? ) I'm concerned it my break some works in future....

    Thank you!

  • I'm using the 1.1e firmware. Is this the correct one? I'm not able to find anything in the web to allow the machine follow the path instead making line by line.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Pedro-Tainha You said you wanted 3D which is raster scanning (line by line) with the Z moving up/down based on the grey scale value (this is typically used with a 3D bas relief image for best results).

    If you want to follow a path (2.5D) then you'll need a vector, either a DXF or trace a simple image (like clip art).

    When you select CNC mode from the settings menu you will get either 2.5D or 3D depending on the sub menu settings, the default is 3D for an image and 2.5D for vector.

    I have a quick guide on my website under the support section which explains some of CNC modes.

    The spindle turning on when the software exits is not normal, if you unplug the USB cable does it do it? If so it's a problem with the board, the MOSFET is ON when the Nano input is floating, you'll need to add a pull down resistor to prevent this.

  • Hi @Zax, thanks a lot for all your support, But for me that I'm just a hobbyist, i may be asking too much for cutting 3D or 2.5D right now with this new software T2Laser and i go back 10 steps and put the laser in z-axis to try to do the same stuff with the laser i do with the default setup i had in my A3 (with EleksCAM Software / Laser 500mw / 2 axis board and it was very easy to select a pic to carve and select the "fold line" to optimize the path of the machine), but with this software doesn't seem clear to me or maybe I'm missing some concepts. When i previous ask about the "follow path" mode, i was expecting to have the same behavior as the "fold line" mode in EleskCam (kind of drawing paths inside the image to fill). Is this possible in t2laser?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Pedro-Tainha I think what you are referring to is a pseudo fill or hatch. Yes you can do this using the Sketch (Hatch) mode with DXF Optimizer enabled, if you are importing a vector then it will work but if you are using a raster you'll need to trace it to generate a vector.

    With a laser this is typically worse than using a true raster (scanning) as these small movement require acceleration / deceleration often compared to a long continuous lines where only the laser power is modulated. I have several optimization methods in T2Laser (rapid skip blank etc) which can further improve performance and the results are usually better.

  • @Zax, yes true, when i disconnect or connect cable usb it turn on (the spindle and also the laser).

    can you tell what's is the resistor to put and where in picture? thanks!AmwMkpX_W0Uys-pq7rksU8ZmjNk8jg?e=3NkL3z

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Pedro-Tainha You need to install a 1kohm resistor (exact value can be 920 to 1.2k) between the TTL and GND, usually this is called the S pin (yellow) and - (black) but colors aren't always the same.

  • i have this board how to connect the all the wires to the motor please give me circuit diagram

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Sampath-kumar-Chiruthoti The motor connects to the motor output (which is 12VDC via the MOSFET), there are only 2 wires and the motor should have a red dot for the + side.

  • am using 15w laser and ttl have how to connect it

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