Picture to one line vector (eleksdraw)

  • hey, guys,
    i thought i share this with you.

    For all our DIY projects i sometimes encounter that i don't really know how do i find the right software to do exactly what i need. Often then a chain of many softwares combined.

    Anyway on the quest to get out of my new pen module running on the A3 Laser, i found by accident this tutorial:

    From a pic into a vectorised one line file. which then of course nicely can be converted into g-code.


    the downside: the software "sketchmee" is only running on iOS or mac.
    And iOS will be around 13 EUR/ the Mac OS 40EUR. But well, still affordable and it looks super useful.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @micc That's interesting, do you have any PDF from the program? I think you could skip several steps and load it directly to T2Laser for output.

    I've done similar with Inkscape plug-ins that are free but this seems like a simple tool and able to convert more complex images.

  • @Zax said in Picture to one line vector (eleksdraw):

    PDF from the program? I think you could skip several steps an

    I haven't investigated further and also not purchased that software yet.
    Just wanted to share and maybe hear how other people do it.

  • On the MAC there are 3 version, the cheapest being FREE Only had a quick play, but looks interesting.

    Thanks for sharing micc

  • @mac2474 yes, there are. So far i understood, only the Pro version or full version has this pdf export which then could be imported into (inkscape or AI) to save *.ai, *.svg or what ever vector file is needed.

    I also checked the video again and made an intensive web search, there is apparently no other software that doesn't take the optics and makes "directly" vectors out of pixels. This seems to have an algorithm to calculate separate lines.
    But well, first i need to find a good way for my pen plotter, then i check this out further. If anyone knows already or tries it out, please leave some comments here.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @micc What format does it export without the PRO version?

    If anyone has an output file I'd like to see it.

    There are other open source options, here's one I remember seeing: https://www.marginallyclever.com/product/makelangelo-software/

  • @Zax said in Picture to one line vector (eleksdraw):

    here's one I remembe

    As i could find out so far only pixel pics. Jpg i think.

    the makelangelo, looks also interesting. outcome more - how to say - computerised then the sketchmee, which has a bit more of an artistic approach. also worth a try i guess

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