Use T2 to collect data- not burn image

  • Zax: This is a lightly off the wall request. I am trying to use T2 Laser software to acquire information rather than burn an image.
    I have an ultrasonic transducer which I can move with the scanner. This transducer provides data which is in the 0-5 v range. as the distance from the ultrasonic source changes the voltage increases. I would like to see the depth recorded possible by a change of color or by the numerical value in inches or cm.
    The second piece of data that I would like to collect (also comes from the same transducer (a different wire) is the amplitude of the signal (again in the 0-5 v range) I would like to change the color of the screen image to change as the voltage changes)

    Is this possible? thanks
    If the information above is not clear I can call and discuss with you.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Sal-Razi The way T2Laser and Grbl work currently is not really suited to your application, the movement data (G-code) is output and the only input data is location feedback and some other basic information. It does have the capability for probing which can generate a Z map but it's not the way you describe.

    I would say this is a dedicated program to scan the area and read the resulting height and amplitude signal, probably using a different firmware or at least a modified version.

    Since this would be a very niche application the cost for bespoke software would be high. Your best bet would be to find something close that's already available. Look into Z mapping with Marlin firmware, more suited to a 3D printer but that's probably ideal anyway.

  • @Zax Thanks Zax appreciate your answer. I sort of figured it would be so but there was no harm in asking, particularly since you are always helpful.

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