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  • Hi there.
    I modded my old 1.6W Laser to a PWM Laser. Now it's first time possible to engrave pictures. The results are really nice but i also run into some troubles. I guess the G-Code translation of the Power is linear but the Laser Diode isn't. In my case that means between S255 and S200 der isn't much diffrence. If i test engrave a gray scale chart I have max 3,5 diffrent grays. Because my laser is to weak I have no impact on wood till 30%. If I drive slower it's all the same from 40% power to 100%.
    My question: Is there a possibility to make the G-Code power translation not linea. To make it like a curve like it is in real life.
    I found some work around to change the pictures in photoshop that the results are better. But it's a lot of work and would be much easier if u just can learn the machine a power curve.
    Thank you guys and thank you for the great community

    PS: If u like I can give u some example pictures.

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    @asorulez You can set laser min to 75 (if the laser doesn't burn until 30%) and that may help, or even drop laser max to 200 if there's no difference to 255 but as you point out the grey scale will not be good. The better option is to forget PWM with your laser and use velocity mode which works regardless of the laser linearity. You aren't going to get good grey scale with a laser that can only achieve a few different levels.

  • Thank your very much for your reply. This is exactly what I am testing out the last few days. Find the best start and stop power for diffrent materials. I think my old 1.6W laser is to weak for what i want. But as i mentioned, if I prepare the picture in gimp or photo shop so that there are is not so many contrast in the pic, or just where I really want it. The results are much better. So if there would be a curve the manualy adjust it to your laser power I don't have to do it in gimp. Is it maybe possible to chance the settings in grbl or elsewhere to a not linear power curve?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @asorulez Changing the gamma of the picture has the same effect as a laser curve, that is something I've considered but the usefulness is limited. Velocity mode is a far better solution for lasers that don't work well.

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