EleksTube is a production fail

  • Eleksmaker uses low quality components and the customer service is also works the same like this clock... i wrote twice and they answered there will be an upgraded control panel and they will send for only 18 USD after i bought this expensive clock for 140 USD. Do not buy from this company they collect your money and then do not care about the buyer anymore. They know there some problem with the product that is why they make a new control board because the clock is also not accurate not any of this... And the advice in the reply mail was just disable the color mode and switch to one color mode...

    Check other topics in this forum and you will see this is not my problem only...

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  • This is exactly the same issue that I had, except in my case the last 5 digits were flashing as opposed to just three in your case. I contacted Elksmaker by email at cs@eleksmaker.com and they were able to diagnose the fault to being an issue with the LED board under the first flashing set of digits.

    To confirm the issue you just need to remove the bottom plate and bypass the first flashing board to see if the rest of the LED's past the initial flashing board return to normal.

    They sent me a replacement board free of charge. I replaced the board and all the digits returned to their normal mode.

    I could not fault them with this.

  • I desoldered all of the WS2812 LEDs and replaced with not chinase ones. The LEDs what they used is low quality and if one LED is go wrong then all behind start flashing. This company is a joke, and they ask a lot of money for this product and crap like hell. The clock is not precise the LEDs faulty... I changed all except the first two block the hour LEDs. All board has 20 LEDs per digit module.

    You are lucky, maybe if the new panel or the other ones not start again the flashing. I write to them becasue of the board and they reply you can got a new board for part price and shipping... congratulate. I will spread this story and no one should buy from this crappy company.

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    @Csikker if you leds goes dead , why dont ask us for free new leds?

    and we use the best quality WS2812 and will test all before shiped out, and if it broken during transport , we will free change any broken parts , so , i cant understand your situation , sry~

  • Firstly went wrong one led on the second digit of the seconds segment, then i changed only that one after a week another one died in the same segment. Then I changed all of them on that segment. After that went wrong the first segment of seconds, then the two minute segment then the second hour segment. This started after six month... I ordered LED from TME.eu I asked from the new panel twice in email, from Eleksmaker and they not give a shit for reply... I do not ask led because if the original ones went wrong then i do not want from that quality of LEDs. My clock is working too fast, thats why I wanted a new version of control panel. I really pissed off thats my situation. I did not get new panel not even for money, I bought this expensive crap, that not accurate, LED are dying, everyone even in this Elekstube forum, have the same problems, and no one care from the company. The people money was good, after that no one care. You will hear from me soon.

  • ElekMaker Develop Department

    but , infact, we already send out about over 100 PCS new controller board for KS order , and is almost free upgrde , i think we didnt do something wrong, we knew the first KS gen have some bugs, but we constantly upgrade new hardware and new software .

    now elekstube dont need pc anymore , you can adjust time and color with side button , and we send new board and extra side button board for cost price.

    i think maybe my crew missed your email , i am sorry . could you please send email to cs@eleksmaker.com again ? just with what you need, like new led boards and new mother board, i think my crew will help you fix this this time. please give us a chance to help you , thx

    best regards ,
    EleksMaker Z

  • It took some time but I was able to order new motherboard and install it. Price was fair.

    I do not run LED at 100% brightness -- maybe 50% so they will last longer. Is bright enough for my use case.

    I find the company fair and this was a good project. I think you need to be patient. They will work with you.

  • How do you use the new side buttons to set the time. Can you provide instructions for this?

  • @EleksMaker-Z
    I wrote an email again, i try for last. If nothing will be happen or i got again a controller board with not accurate RTC, like I said i will put money and time to make some surprises for EleksMaker. Start with bigger European youtubers. So fix this, and i will never buy again a product from you, and you will never hear again from me.

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