Plasmacutter on T2 software.

  • Hi. Im a guy from Denmark. So please, before i try to explain my issue, i wanna excuse for my bad English ;)

    Well i Just bought my first laser engraver (Amazon type, Sorry) my plan was to build my plasma cutter on. I bought T2 laser software, Yesterday because the software it comes with were shit!

    Now to my question, My plan was simple to connect a reley on the laser wire that will give signal to my plasma cutter (to start). But my problem, is that the laser has no preburn time. Is it possible in t2 to set a Preburn? so my plasma has the time to cut threw the iron before X any Y moves.?'

    Hope you understand.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

  • HI Zax.

    Well It´s only working, but only on the first "cut". If i have a dxf with multiple holes, the laser don´t turn off between the holes? Do you know why?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @hypermagic Is this a plasma without Z-axis? If so do not select the CNC Mode, just check plasma mode.

    Does it respond (turn off) when given a power 0 signal or does your controller need M05?

    You may need to select a different post processor or it could even require a minor update.

  • No my machine is without Z-axis. Still not working. if I check off CNC Mode, and only plasma, the laser dont turn on in the "delay time".

    If I turn the laser on, It stops if i press M05 .

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @hypermagic It sounds like your machine only responds to M03/M05 and not spindle/power values, so this would require a different post processor. What firmware are you using? (so I can determine what settings you need to use)

  • Default firmware.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @hypermagic So the software and firmware are sending spindle power values but it appears your machine does not support them, M03 S0 should turn the plasma off (similar to M05). There's a post processor which will change M03 S0 to M05 but then the problem is you won't get the start delay on the next path, I will modify the plasma G-code and publish an update later today. Please e-mail me or contact me through my website so I can provide a beta key to allow you to immediately test it.

  • Damn, thats what i call great service 👍 Looking forward for the update.. I Will send you an email.

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