T2 Laser Homing

  • Hello.I am using T2 laser and have problem with homing.If I press Homing laser starts moving along X asis until it hit aluminium bar of Y axis.How to set up my machine to come always on same coordinates when finish.Is there any explanation or tutorial about Homing.

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    @firewirehn Do you have home switches? You can use machine homing if you don't have them ;)

    You can still set a workpiece home (0,0) and it will return to the location after the job or by clicking the house icon but if you exit the laser control screen the location is lost (so always move to 0,0 before you do that and it will be OK).

  • No I do not have limit switches.How to set 0,0?Or to move with jog arrows always to position manualy.

  • This location 0,0 which you mentioned...how is lose when I exit control laser screen..I do not get it?I am new in this all necesarry instuctions which I founded are excellent except this homing.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @firewirehn OK, so if you do not have homing switches you must disable that function (if you enabled it). If the house icon is red you have enabled the feature without having the hardware required, so go to the settings menu and disable home switches.

    You can then right click the house to set work piece origin (0,0), this is where it will start and finish the job. This position will be remembered until you exit the laser controller screen. So leave the laser at 0,0 when you exit and it will keep the location when you return.

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