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  • To date I've worked only with the laser, and only with raster files. On this latest project, I wish to use a vector file and the little Eleksmaker spindle motor to actually cut rather than burn. TWO new elements.

    In short, I am restoring an old guitar and I wish to make a new headstock veneer with the maker's logo inlaid in mother-of-pearl.

    Here's a raster version of the logo art:

    alt text

    I've opened it in T2Laser and chosen "Auto Trace"

    alt text

    Here's where I get lost.

    How do I tell T2Laser which side of the line to put the tool on? Even the terms "inside" and "outside" get fuzzy.

    On the rosewood veneer that will receive the inlay, I want to cut "inside" the lines for the most part. But I want to leave the centers of the two loops (in the "E" and the "e" intact. I want to cut "outside" the lines that define the interiors of those loops. I also want to remove ALL the material inside those lines, to make room for the inlay.

    I want to reverse that when I'm cutting the inlay material, the mother-of-pearl. There I want to cut "outside" the lines for the most part, and I want to leave everything inside the lines intact. And I want to remove the centers of the loops, of course.

    Where do I tell T2Laser which sides of which lines to leave and remove?

    I'm very much a beginner, so I apologize for the entry-level question.

    Basically I want to do two cutting operations on two different materials: one positive and one negative, one field and one ground.


  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Bill-Thebert T2Laser does not create inlay (offset machining), it is for engraving or carving only. It is easy to generate a DXF with these profiles, and you could also add the hatch fill to remove the material. I believe Inkscape would let you do this although I don't use it much so perhaps someone else can confirm.

    You appear to be missing the most important step, click the CNC Mode to enabled it (check mark next to the menu item), it will request the maximum depth. All units are mm as that is the Grbl default.

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