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  • I have changed help menu..restore default and than i uploud your firmware 1.1 e.Also I deleted all free engraving software which I had before.I olso deinstalled benbox which was basic.I will upload one pics to see how was greyscale before but I forgot what parameters i set.But now I changed feed rate tthan speed...and some results i get by overduing feed rate.Shall I restore to default than upload 1.1 e.?

  • Shal I do firs Restore Default on Help then upload 1.1e firmware or only to Restore Default.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @firewirehn Restore Defaults in the Help menu will reset T2Laser settings, Reset Grbl Parameters in the Machine menu will reset my firmware parameters - do both and you would be be back to normal.

    Then set resolution to 0.16 or 0.18 depending on your laser spot size, then you just adjust feed rate (engraving) to get the raster image correct based on the material.

  • Ok..i actually never reset Gbrl Parameters only Default Reset in Help menu.Than I was uploading your default1.1e.After reseting both is it necessary to again upload 1.1e..or just to reset.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @firewirehn No you don't need to change firmware if you are already using my Grbl 1.1e DEFAULT, but doing the reset will ensure my parameters are loaded. Other software changes these without asking.

  • Ok i did it and i gain better result...but probably I need to replace my board with better one because it stops on 27% for example,laser is on.I have nano board.I ordered one EleksMana.What do you think about this one0_1564835952804_Screenshot_20190803-132120_Banggood.jpg 0_1564835960214_Screenshot_20190803-132115_Banggood.jpg
    I read many comments and people are satisfied..hav a much more memmory than nano they said.

  • @firewirehn I don't know if you bought the license, but the trial version of t2laser has a limit on the number of g-code lines. Maybe this explains the stop at the same job percentage

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    The trial doesn't stop like that, it just generates a partial G-code (up to 10,000 lines) file but will run it completely. You can check the simulation "view" to see the actual G-code output.

  • @marco_b no I have licence but it not happens on same percents of every picture...i tink there is something with overheating x asys motor...I try LaserGbrl and it is different because it has cooling option..I will try with new board.In the beginig everything works good but these two days anoying me.Maybe like Zax suggested on one post,nano is making problem...What do you thing about this Eleks Mana board.

  • @Zax I open view and photo apear on it.How to do simulation...I mean how to check if anything wrong is with G code

  • Also I saw on advanced settings,i think that M0 comand apear on the line but I don't remember if I saw it before.It is not selected but as I said I think it was not before there

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @firewirehn If the full image is shown on the "view" (button top right of the G-code window) that is the G-code simulation and what is sent to your machine. There should be no need for cool down on engraving, I've run many jobs over 12 hours and some over 18 hours and never had issues with over heating - cutting is different and T2Laser supports cool down for that when the laser is running 100% for long times.

    I'm not sure what you mean M0, if you use my default firmware parameters and T2Laser settings you will get fantastic results. You should be careful changing settings and parameters until you understand their functions.

  • I will make photo and shows this M0... I made one engraving..90x50mm great i set one for engraving 150x100mm and I will see result.I did not change any parameter excep I did calibration on advance settings because difference was 0.2mm..Maybe is problem board like you said earlyer on some post.This is why I update photo of this EleksMana SE board just I want your opinion about this board.

  • And also my laser is not TTL...And one more thing,from my life experience as Mechanical Engineer,working with so many machineries and automatic control on ships there is also isue due to hot area especially now during summer time.

  • These are my results.Just now finished.1_1564874933809_20190804_012259.jpg 0_1564874933776_20190804_012236.jpg
    Feed Rate:1100,Speed:0-255 and Resolution 0.18
    Maybe to increase feed rate it wluld be better.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @firewirehn Your results look good for non-TTL laser on a less than ideal material. I would not increase feed rate as that makes it lighter, if anything you could reduce it 200 and get darker blacks. Typically dithered or velocity mode will produce better results with lasers that don't support grey scale, but you appear to be getting shading so it's not necessary.

  • You mean to decrease Feed Rate on 900...I tried Velocity but sometimes gives me too dark image.This is 10mm ordinary plywood...Which material do you use?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @firewirehn If you lower the feed rate the overall image will get darker. I use Birch laser ply, it is more expensive but the surface is very uniform and engraves easily. The reason it is called "laser ply" is the resins are water soluble so can be laser cut without flaring, if you use air assist the cuts are excellent.

    The results you are getting considering the type of laser and material are very good.

  • This ply is made especially for engraving isn't it.I will try to find it somewhere in stores or on net because it is ordinary plywood from construction store.Thanks Zax

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @firewirehn I have found Birch or Alder laser ply to be the best for these diode lasers, perhaps you can obtain different wood species not available in my local store (varies by country and location).

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