Plasmacutter on Laser engraver?

  • Hi.

    I bought a cheap cnc laser engraver, and my plan was to build my little plasma cutter on it in stead.
    It bought t2 software for it, and works good for the laser.

    I have some issues with the signal to the plasma. i do only have a 3wire cabel from main print to laser and 2 of them is constantly 12V, so a relay there is not an option.

    Do anyone in here had a projekt like mine, who wants to get me some inputs how they have done?

  • @hypermagic @zax, the developer, has recently done upgrades for plasma cutters. I think he'll answer you as soon as he can

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @hypermagic There are several options but it will depend on your plasma cutter, the easiest would be to use the MOSFET output (motor connector) either directly or to switch a 12V relay. The MOSFET is a ground leg switched 12V from the power supply, plenty of current to switch a large relay coil and then the contacts of that would enable the plasma.

    FYI: T2Laser does have plasma support and I am just fixing some minor issues related to the startup delay (will release a fix today).

  • @marco_b Yeah @Zax have already helped my a lot with the software :)

    @Zax MOSFET ? Is that the Gate called (Power)

    I have already build a 12V relay in my plasma, I only need a 12V signal from somwhere, but i cant find any 12V who is activated when cutting ?

  • Ahh, yeah the power gate have 12V output when laser activated :) I thought it was constant 12V., My bad. ;)

  • Hi Guys.

    Now got my Plasma signal working. BUT now I have a new issue :)

    When I run a file with plasma turned OFF it runs the whole program okay, and it turns the Relay on and off as I should. But when I turn the plasma on, It cuts the whole first cut fine (SOME TIMES), and goes on to the next cut, But then when it starts plasma on second cut (Same Program) then the software frees/stops but the plasma keeps cutting the same place (relay don’t turn off). T2 comes with a error, and I have to pull usb out and and in again to get it working again? Do you guys have an idea what course that problem ? Missing ground ore something?

    I have attached movie off the problem.;play;play

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @hypermagic You could be getting (electrical) interference from the plasma. If you right click the big red emergency stop button it should force the machine to abort.

  • @Zax yeah, thats what afraid off, do you or anyone else have a idea to prevent that electrical issue?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @hypermagic No sorry I don't, I've only seen a couple of other people using these as plasma cutters. Your setup is really impressive. If you keep the plasma wiring away from the others and use a shielded case for the controller it may help. Obviously having good grounds is important too.

  • Truly, plasma cutters would not be my instrument of decision if my essential objective was collecting trees. I guess some level of the Fibrewood would get wrecked simultaneously. However, let's be honest: When we reap assets we for the most part gather everything close by, regardless of whether we are searching for something explicit (for instance, Carbius). Plasma cutters should make for all-around astounding harvest apparatuses, regardless of whether they wouldn't yield as much Fibrewood as, state, a saw.

  • Indeed, even got my a few days prior and it does'nt appear to slow down or meddle with the CNC framework which was my greatest consern, not done any extravagant testing yet,all about welder just ran the CNC with laser and cut physically with the plasma very near where I will mount the plasma handle. hopefully I will attempt to truly manufacture something soon.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Jameson4170 T2Laser supports plasma mode which may be helpful.

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