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  • Hello today i have another challenge
    I have a small issue with T2Laser,when i want to manual move the motors,when i click on the DOWN/UP cursor the motor moves diagonally LEFT/RIGHT,when i click on the diagonal cursors the motor moves UP/DOWN what could be the issue?

  • @Kitiku what happens, exactly, if you press left button once? And right one?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Kitiku It sounds like you have the wrong firmware installed, T2Laser sends G-code which is XY coordinates so if you press right arrow it will send X+ to the machine. If it is moving diagonally then it can only be the machine is not setup correctly.

    What type of machine do you have and what firmware are you using?

    If it is an EleksDraw (which is a CoreXY machine and not the normal Cartesian coordinates) it will do this using my default firmware, you must use the Eleks Mana firmware and then set to EleksDraw in the configure menu.

  • Hi Zax,
    I upgarded the firmware and it works,tahnsk alot.I shall pay for the license soon.

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