• Good Afternoon, I hope your all well.
    The problem i am facing it, I have bought a Chinese Laser engraver from Laseraxe that apparently only supports the software CCNC.
    That software is not my favourite to i downloaded my favourite software by Eleksmaker which required me to flash the board, in the software it connect fine but if i click up, down, left, right the motor will only go one way until it has reached it limit the laser come on/off fine but the preview/movement of the motors dont work at all.
    i was enquiring if i purchased an official board by eleksmaker and switched them would this increase the chance of my engraver working again.
    kind regards - ellis

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @elliscrane T2Laser supports all versions of LaserAxe and EleksMaker machines, both current machines work with my Grbl 1.1e DEFAULT firmware. It would not require changing any hardware.

  • Thankyou for getting back to me ive flashed the board using the eleksmaker reset rom button, then uploaded the GRBL 1.1F i cannot find the 1.1e version hen downloaded T2 laser it connects and reads the firmware successfully but again when i click the up, down, left, right button the motor still goes in 1 direction.0_1565428008396_68848217_531139727629393_1572359575418437632_n.jpg 0_1565428016363_68429834_1376865582479350_883451365215436800_n.jpg

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @elliscrane The firmware does not match your machine, where did you get that?

    T2Laser is the only program you need, it includes the device driver and firmware. The firmware Grbl 1.1e DEFAULT is loaded by clicking the option in the Machine menu. The problem now is if that 1.1F is not designed for your hardware you may have "bricked" the Nano and it won't allow you to upload the correct firmware. Arduino IDE and an AVR programmer is the only way to clear and reset the controller by reloading the boot loader.

    Having other software installed can cause problems as some lock the COM port not allowing other software to access the machine. T2Laser only does that when you activate the laser controller screen and then it closes and releases the port when you exit that screen (the way it should work).

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