T2 Laser Strange Behaviour?

  • Hi Zax. Just finished setting up my new A3 Pro and am using the eval version of T2 laser. I've noticed a few strange things in the eval version that I am not sure if there is an issue or if I'm just a noob. Namely with editing option buttons along the top working sometimes and not others. I understand there is a limit to 1000(?) lines of G-code. I had already successfully done some sample burns so know its working. However, sometimes when clicking the trace button nothing happens, but other times on the same image it traces. Sometimes clicking the resolution button will open the popup, but other times it wont. The same happens for other buttons as well. I also tried the menu equivalent of these options and they also do the same thing. I've tried re-starting the app. Some will work, but then seemingly stop responding. I can still generate G-code, but there's an issue with consistency of function. At first I thought it was because the trace feature was still working on the image, but there is no hourglass or feature that shows progress so I can't tell if the trace is done or not. The image is small 50px x 50px and simple and had already traced at least once.

    I also got a warning that the trial had expired and it closed the app (I thought the only limit was the 1000 lines of G-code?). It opened again and let me work, but the above issues still existed. I'm running Win10 on a Dell laptop. Still trying to evaluate and would like to purchase, but this inconsistent behavior is unsettling. Am I doing something wrong?

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    @PlastiBots The trial has a 10,000 line limit for raster G-code and a 1,000 line limit for vector G-code, this should be plenty for evaluation. In addition there is a session time out but that's to prevent people from using it as a G-code sender and not supporting my continued development and costs.

    I think you are activating manual trace but not deactivating it so it's "stuck" in that mode which locks out other features, to auto-trace you right click or select it from the menu. The manual trace requires you to click within a couple of pixels of the contrast so it can detect and trace it.

  • Hi Zax. Thanks. I need to read up on the trace feature then as that makes sense. Help me understand the function. Let's say I have a simple circle that is filled in that I want to trace. What is the difference between auto and manual trace, and when I click or don't click inside this circle? I don't recall seeing an option to do manual trace (I'm not in front of T2 right now)..

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    @PlastiBots Manual trace allows you to be selective which is helpful with laser and CNC, say you engrave and then want to cut out the perimeter you can just click near the outside line. Auto-trace is very simple and the typical method, it just traces all contrast changes, this is probably what you would use most.

  • Ok. Thanks. Will watch some more videos etc to get the hang of the features.

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