Expanding Eleksdraw Work Area?

  • Hello.

    I've been playing with my Eleksdraw for a few months now, and I'm wondering how much of an undertaking it would be to expand the work area.
    The software doesn't seem to have hard stops built in, so it seems like if I got longer rods, cables, and belts, it might just work?

    It almost seems too easy, but no one else has discussed doing this, which leads my to suspect that I'm missing something.

    Also: if this is possible and anyone from the Eleksmaker team reads this:
    If you sold expansion kits with longer rods, belts, cables, and a longer extruded base tube thing, I bet there'd be a decent market for it. Buying something in 2 small chunks always feels easier than spending more all at once.

    My ultimate crazy huge goal would be something like 60 x 90cm.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @KyleMC Plenty of people have extended their machines (Y-axis typically), you can purchase the extrusions and longer belts from many places and make some extended cables. I agree they could offer an upgrade to make it simple.

  • I would like to build my CNC engraver from scratch. I would like to start on buying aluminium frame. But the problam is that i dont know with one to buy because there are diferent dimensions out there. Would be cool to find out the dimensions of the aluminium frame that is used on tjose eleksmaker CNC's. This is what i am talking about: alt text.

    Did somebody already buy it? Can somebody give a link to a aluminium frame you bought ?

  • Hi Paper Jet, as I said in your other post one set of profiles are the 2040 and the other two are as yo have shown here. I get mine from ebay but as I'm not sure what country your in this might not help much but you can get an idea of what I'm talking about look up this auction number in ebay.com ( 303123017451)
    hope that helps.

  • @tug said in Expanding Eleksdraw Work Area?:

    looks like i can beleave that i thnk i am gonna grab 2020 and 2040 profiles

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