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  • Just got T2 and so far loving the way it connected and sends data to my A3. Ran in to a problem today and was hoping someone could help

    I made a graphic in Corel Draw to go on a 4" x 4" slate tile with a wine glass on it. The wine glass is not the full size but instead smaller. I exported it as a BMP and then opened it up in T2 (imported just fine as you can see by first pic and I went to output size and it had it as 120mm so I resized it to 101.6 x 101.6 (4") and when I did part of the stem disappeared (second pic below) . Then I found that the smaller I made the image the more of the graphic disappeared. Any ideas?


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    @captainron19 Export at the correct size then you won't need to rescale it, or you could use more than a single pixel width. The other option, maybe better would be to use vector if you want single line, save as a PLT from Corel and use hatching to make the filled area (wine).

    Say you are using raster (image) and want the size to be 4" (102 mm), if you are using resolution of 0.1 then you would want 254 DPI so the image would be 1016 x 1016 pixels.

  • Yes I did export it as the actual size of 4" x 4" and I also tried exporting as a png and set resolution in T2 to .1 but it still imported the image at 120mm x 120mm and still had to resize it

    the good thing though is I created an outline on the wine glass in corel and it stayed intact when importing

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    @captainron19 If the image size was 1016 x 1016 pixels and loaded at 0.1 it would be accruate. It would load at exactly 101.6mm x 101.6mm. If you are getting 120mm then it must be saved as 1200 x 1200 pixels.

  • If I can add my experience with coreldraw, check the x and y size after the export. Coreldraw, often, isn't correct during export, and you must use "tricks" like defining a page size equal to the object and export with "selected objects only" unchecked. Btw, maybe, also, you have unchecked this, and the page size is larger than the objects, so you export a bigger image... Like others designing tools, there is a lot of parameters influencing export

  • Found what I was doing wrong.... Had the setting for corel doc at 300 DPI as soon as I changed i to 254 and the resolution in T2 at .1 it imported fine

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