M3 (on) and M5 (off)

  • hello, I have a self-made cnc with EDINGCNC board (6 axes). now it is used as a 4-axis milling machine but I would like to support the 10+ laser,
    I now discover (in simulation with T2Laser) that I can't get the laser to turn off between two pieces to be cut. So two simple figures are linked together when the word G0 (destination) is not preceded by M5 and then G1 preceded by M3 ... do you know how to set M3 and M5 in G0 and G1?

    I've been trying for a week


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    @Diego73 I don't understand what you are saying, G and M commands are exclusive.

    What firmware are you using?

    Does it support S values (spindle speed / laser power)?

    Generally when the laser is temporarily turned off for moves it is set to S0 rather than M5 but T2Laser has post processor options that should be able to do what you want, I just need to understand better. Can you post example G-code or contact me via email as this doesn't seem to be an Eleks question.

  • I solved not using T2Laser but a CAM of mine (engraving) modifying a post-processor (fanuc) according to my needs. Now M5 is added to each line G0 ... M3 is added to each line G1, G2, G3.
    Thanks anyway for the availability and the answer

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    @Diego73 OK, if you want to work with T2Laser just let me know and I will help you get the correct G-code output. It's just selecting the correct post processor for your machine.

  • my homemade machine uses the 6-axis edingcnc card

    g-code generic iso (fanuc slightly modified).

    but using the relay output of the spindle to feed the laser, obviously the spindle turns on at the beginning of the g-code and in the rapid ones it remains on. T2Laser is very (very) very interesting as a software but it didn't have (or I didn't find it) the option for G-code with M5 G0 x... y.. z.. and M3 G1,2,3 x... y... z...

    if you can tell me that postprocessor resembles the fanuc and has these settings nothing prevents me from re-evaluating it as laser engraving software.



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    @Diego73 Did you enable Force G?


    Every line will then have the full command, e.g. G01 X20 Y20 M03 S255 F1000

    This is not required under the G-code NIST rules as G/M commands are modal and stay in effect until cancelled.

  • 🤔 no. force g I have not tried to insert it. thank you for your interest. tomorrow I try and I can tell you the result

    Thanks.. thanks


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    @Diego73 You must use Save Machine G-code to save the post processor output, the display is always Grbl/NIST G-code (a post processor works as the data is sent or when saving it this way).

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