Two to Three axis conversion

  • Hi all! Was wondering if anybody has actually done a 2 to 3 axis conversion and how the machine performs after doing so.

    Question for Zax: Love your software! I use T2 and your 1.1(?) code on my current Mana board, if I do the conversion do I use the same control code on the new board?

    Thanks everybody!

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @mydiyaddiction I have not added a Z-axis to my laser but I have a 3-axis machine (mini-CNC) which would be the same concept. You can use the same firmware and software, T2Laser supports 3-axis. It will probably require setting the correct steps per mm (can be done from the calibration screen in T2Laser), acceleration and max feed rates (some settings are possible from the menu but easier to set using debug mode).

  • @Zax Thanks for the info Zax!

  • @Zax got my machine upgraded with the Banggood "router" mod and 3 axis board, works really slick and tho I haven't tried it, I believe the motor mount allows for the laser to be mounted in place as well. Got all the software figured out and am able to control the Z axis in gcode, but can't quite figure out how to get it to "draw" the outlines I'm importing instead of "punch and lift" like laser mode does the "off and on". Ideas? Thanks...

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @mydiyaddiction I'm not exactly sure what you mean, perhaps vector instead of raster?

    When using vector the machine will follow the path, like a drawing vs raster where it scans. To get a vector you can either load a DXF/PLT file or trace a raster to convert it.

  • @Zax Ah ha! Knew I was missing something, the "autotrace" function works perfect, thanks for the info.

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