custom size EleksLaser a3

  • Hello, i would like to build my own custom work area CNC's buy the problam is tha i dont know witch aluminium profiles to buy? Is it a 2020 and 2040 aluminium profiles that are needed to build a frame? The reason i am asking for is that i dont know witch aluminium profiles i have to buy. Can somebody help me on this?

  • there are two profile Ali sections two of the 2040 and two of the smaller single section not sure of it's designated number could be the 2020, your going to need the 90 deg brackets, roller assembly kits and the perspex CNC cut sheets for the rolling carriages. my question would be Why? the unit is not expensive and would save all the trouble. Oh and if your thinking of copying their design make sure it's not 'copyright' protected or it could cost you a lot more than you thought. likewise my rotary unit is also 'copyright' pending. good luck anyway.

  • First of i am answerig your question "Why?" Because i want to have 3 axis router. The unit sold online is XY axis and if i want to convert it into XYZ axis i have to look for a 3 axis motor controler like ELEKS mana witch coast me extra 30 dolars. So that is why i want to buy the parts i realy need.

    I like yhe constructional idea. Especialy with a aluminium profiles. It is not a problam for me to grad some 90 degree angle brackets on alliexpress. the only this i need for a start is right type of aluminium profiles. So if somebody tryed to extend the working area would be cool to know were they bought the profiles.

    Even more if someone could do the dimension measure and share it that would be great.

    Yes, i have a feeling that it couuld be it. Model 2020 and 2040.

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    @paper-jet If you want a CNC (spindle) I recommend using lead or ball screws instead of belts. 2040 is better for rigidity although you can get away with 2020 and bracing parts.

  • @Zax good advice

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