Using a z sensor irregular surface.

  • I have an eleksmaker a3 and a looking to invest in the z plane and spindle package. The surface i wish to mill is irregular. Is it possible to by a sensor that would work with the mana pro board in order to map the surface? Effectively i guess im asking if any eleksmaker boards enable autoleveling i guess.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Furibundus Short answer: No.

    The EleksMaker Mana board uses a Nano clone running Grbl, there is not enough memory for Z-surface mapping. You would need to change to a 3D printer style board and use firmware like Marlin or similar which has this capability. I did some work in T2Laser to map surfaces and store the cooridinates on the PC, then when I output the Z commands I can offset. This was a work in progress but never completed as the business opportunity faded away (probably because other options exist which are better).

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