Just bought T2laser still same issue

  • I have 2 laser build and both of them whilst engraving looks patchy or dosent engeave almost like theres not enough power ive got the correct psu ive put the power level in both T2laser and eleksmaker to full and still same, its engraving but only slightly/faintly, also when i upload a pic in t2laser then upload gcode nothing apperes send gcode and nothing?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @elliscrane It sounds like you have 2 separate issues, let's talk about the 2nd one first. You load an image in T2Laser, it shows on the screen correctly but when you click to generate the G-code nothing is created? That sounds like you've got a bad setting somewhere, in the Help menu click Restore Defaults, then close T2Laser and restart. Did that fix it?

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