How to use Elekslaser a3 pro with a Mac

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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows a working solution to run any working software compatible with elekslaser. I would love to use one of these machines but I’m worried about ordering one until I know I’ll have a way to use it! Thanks for your help.

  • In my environment, currentry I connect Eleks and Windows10 with USB cable.

    For control Eleks machine, I use Laserweb4 software on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.
    As far as I tested, I succesed engraving in each environment.

  • Look at lightburn, if you flash the board to 1.1e grbl there is no reason why lightburn wont work as far as i can see, I have a laseraxe board with a nano on it and run that perfectly well on a MBP and a Mac Mini. Lightburn is CAD/CAM. there is a tutorial on the Laseraxe facebook group showing you how to flash the nano if you do not know arduino etc. hope this helps. You can also run bootcamp buy a windows 10 license of ebay for a dollar which is what i did , or run it in parallels if you prefer, i have a dedicated mac mini that i no longer used now as a windows machine running very quick with bootcamp that allows me to run any windows software i want , i can then pick and choose to prot it to the mac using parallels or crossover or xquartz or virtual box. but running an emulator halves your macs power hence going to bootcamp on one machine. if your not sure just join the facebooks groups for this, laseraxe and Endurance lasers and post your questions there as someone there can help thats for sure.

  • and how to flash to 1.1.e? xloader tell me "update failed"

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    If you are running a VM (bootcamp, parallels etc) then you can use T2Laser.

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