A3 Conversion to Real-Time XY Gantry

  • Hello, makers.

    I'm working on an XY gantry that can identify flaws in a surface in real-time. For example, if a piece of plywood were passed beneath the gantry and there is a bump in the surface, a sensor array that would first identify the bump's location, and the gantry would move over the bump in real time to mark it as a flaw. I've got the sensor array and motion sensors I need to track the movements, I just don't have the code I need to control the motors to move the gantry accordingly.

    I bought an A3 as the platform for the XY gantry since it included all of the basic components necessary. What I'd like to do now is Flash different software to the Arduino Nano that would give me real-time control based on the code that I'll write for the movements. All of the code would be on-board the Nano, so no interface with the PC during operation. I'm not familiar with the base code/firmware that I need to keep intact for the system to run, so I'm looking for some type of open-source code that is written to give me control of the X and Y axes without using any of the 'drawing' software that is meant for the laser engraving functions normally associated with the A3.

    If someone could link me to the basic code I need to flash to the Arduino that gives me the control of the XY axes, I can write the rest of the code to feed the commands based on the input from my sensor arrays.

    Thanks for your help, Makers. Let me know what other info you may need to point me in the right direction!


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    @rickkalil The Nano sends step and direction signals to the stepper drivers, you set the direction pin high or low and then pulse the step pin to move one step (typically 80 steps produces 1mm of travel). This is easily accomplished with Arduino code using a loop.

    X-Axis: Step=D2, Direction=D5
    Y-Axis: Step=D3, Direction=D6

  • Thanks, Zax! Do you happen to have an example code of the pulse loop? If not I'm sure I can find it, but if you happen to have any example that I could copy the syntax, I would appreciate it!!

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