Changing one axis affects other axis

  • Hi,

    I got almost everything running as it should (with EleksCAM), but I got one last nagging issue that I wasn't able to resolve so far.

    When the machine goes into one direction, for instance, 20 x+ steps, and I then go back 20 x- steps there is a slight deviation on the y-axis as well, which means the line does not completely line up, here's a sketch of what I mean (top is what happens to me, bottom is what I expect):

    Some things I have tried:
    Loosening/Tightening the belt (it gets even worse when the belt is loose)
    Loosening/Tightening the top plate
    Cleaning the shafts

    Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.

  • Alright I figured out the problem. The gear was pushed too far into the motor shaft which made the belt hit part of the shafts. I put them a bit lower and now its functioning ok.

  • I have the same problem.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    This is usually caused by backlash (a symptom of loose belts), circles are a good way to check for backlash as typically the ends will not connect if you have this issue. T2Laser includes an option to disable bi-directonal mode which is another good way to check if backlash is the problem, as when the laser always scans left to right it will effectively mask the issue.

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