New, and have a problem

  • Hi have just registered the software, and on going through have found a puzzling problem.
    When trying to work in CNC mode. when I save the Gcode it is sending the Z axis up instead of down, justb as it would for a 3D print, what am I doing wrong.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @erniehatt You can reverse the Z-axis, or just reverse the jog arrows. Typically Z- is down and + up, so you would enter a cut depth of -5 for 5mm etc. The Z-safe would then be a positive value, such as 5 to keep the cutting bit 5mm above the material surface. This is explained in detail along with multi-pass in the CNC guide on my website.

  • Thanks Zax,
    that cleared things up a treat.

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