T2Laser Configuration

  • hey , someone have maybe pictures about how to configure my elekslaser 2.5w to the T2Laser ?
    if i have t2laser , does it mean i cant use the eleksmaker ?
    Thanks for answering !

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @gaston1800 There's actually nothing to configure if the machine is already working with Elekscam (as that means the device driver and firmware is already setup), you will be able to run T2Laser and test the machine.

    If you decide T2Laser is the best software (which of course it is ;)) then I recommend installing my Grbl 1.1e DEFAULT firmware for the best performance and so all the features are available (since the Eleks firmware is older). You can always go back to the older Grbl 0.9 if needed to run their obsolete software.

    On my website there's a getting started guide and video should you not have the machine working at all, basically you install the device driver from the Help menu and then load the firmware (optional) from the Machine menu after selecting the COM port your laser is connected to.

  • Thank you !

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