• All you should need if you can't get the Eleksmaker firing!

    Youtube Video

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Alex-Jones Nice video. I hope you enjoy the machine, if you want to enhance it take a look at T2Laser. I support multi-colors where it will pause and tell you to swap pens which is used with DXF files, and you can also get more realistic drawing.

    I published an assembly and configuration guide for these machines in early 2017 which includes the same hints and suggestions.

    T2Laser does not require all these additional DLL's, running in admin mode (never do this with Chinese software, their Benbox program had malware that opened an internet backdoor) and includes a menu for changing modes between laser and servo, Cartesian and CoreXY etc.

    FYI: Do not move the machine manually with the steppers connected to the drivers, the back-EMF (generator effect) can easily damage the drivers.

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