Eleksdraw Stepped Diagonal Lines?

  • I've finally set up my Eleksdraw, and it works; however, the diagonal lines are drawn quite stepped. I was expecting a nice smooth curve - any idea what I'm doing wrong, please?




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    @Alex-Jones Is that a low quality trace? It looks deliberate rather than mechanical.

    What software are you using, does it have a preview function to see what the G-code looks like?

  • I just used the dummy image in the EleksCam software. Have I got the software calibrated right?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Alex-Jones No idea but that looks terrible. You should get a smooth curve from the machine.

    Here are a couple of examples with T2Laser, also my built in DXF Optimizer can significantly reduce the drawing time and make it more fluid. The added features like tool swap (different color pens) is also a bonus with this machine or a CNC.



  • Check that your belt isn't too loose and that your speed isn't too fast. I had this problem the first time I ran a print. By adjusting the belt, the traversing in X+Y worked much smoother.

    I think the default speed is 1000 mm/min, but I've found with complex curvatures, I get greater consistency by dropping the speed to 900 mm/min.

  • @amcm Thank you! I loosened the screws even more on the top of the plotter, above the x y pistons, and it has resolved the issue!

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