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  • Hi Zax,

    I'm a registered user of T2 Laser and so far I've been more than happy with your software: I usually use it as a combination of laser engraver and pen plotter, by switching the appropriate tool on a EleksLaser frame with ManaSE control board (I usually switch from the GRBL 1.1e "Default" to GRBL 0.9i "Eleksmana" whenever I want to use the laser or the pen, respectively).

    Lately I've purchased an additional tool, the z-axis kit with holder for a spindle. To control the additional functions, I found this other board on Aliexpress and purchased it:

    The board is basically an all-in-one solution to connect the laser, the pen holder (steering gear/servo in the picture) and the small spindle that comes with the z-axis (with possibility to upgrade to a larger 300W spindle if I want). Additionally, the board is provided with the following offline controller with 1.8" screen:


    The board comes with GRBL 1.1f already installed. I was wondering if T2 Laser can support the use of this board and which GRBL firmware would you suggest considering the different uses (laser, plotter, router). Is the default firmware (i.e. GRBL 1.1e) ok as an all-in-one solution to menage the different tools?

    Thank you in advance for the support.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Randal-Graves I have this same board and remote controller (mine is a prior version), it works great with my mini CNC and T2Laser. It will work with the provided firmware, although I loaded my own as I wanted home switches and probe support.

    The controller and USB function are mutually exclusive so you can either use the controller and save machine g-code to an SD card and run without a PC or you can connect the machine normally (unplug the remote) and run it directly from T2Laser (I do both equally, depending on the job).

  • @Zax Thanks for the clarification!
    You've touched a good point, though... I would also like to add more features to the machine, just like limit switches and the probing sensor: hence I figure that I should manipulate the firmware somehow...could you be so kind to suggest me a good starting point? Either some code to start working with that is not (maybe?) the baseline GRBL available on github or some study material.

    This is the first time I'm getting closer to GRBL and my only other experience on Arduino code is through Marlin fw (1.1 and 2.0, as I own a 3d printer).

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Randal-Graves Grbl is easy to mod, you can do everything in config.h (include the cpu_map pin definitions so you don't have to edit defaults.h and cpu_map.h independently). In most cases one of my existing custom firmware will suit your needs, the only changes are which pins and sequence to use for homing

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