Clock Digits Spasm/Flicker

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    Hi, I'm having the same problem that has been listed in the previous thread. I've emailed them and will hopefully hear from them shortly.

    My question is; what is the root cause? Is it the main board or the individual LED boards under each digit? What is EleksMaker sending to their customers to fix this issue. Obviously this is a defect that they are aware of. I'm hoping that I can get this working. It wasn't an inexpensive project.

    Any insights would be appreciated.

  • I had/have a similar issue. Note I was a Kickstarter buyer. As you may know, the left-most digit that flickers and flashes; that is your 'bad' LED board and all other digits to the right may, or might not, also have bad board(s). In effect, the visible dysfunction cascades from Left to Right (as you read the clock digits).

    So, you have to isolate each downstream digit and also test them individually, by disconnecting / jumper'ing the underside cables that daisy-chain them.

    In my case, I had two failing digits, and a request to John { cs [@]eleksmaker [dot] com } resulted in two (2) individual replacement LED boards in July of 2019. All was good.

    In October, a third original LED board failed; however, multiple emails to cs@ went unanswered. So, I now own <something> that's not a working Eleks clock.

    Please update this post if you get some attention.

  • @AdHocGrip

    I too have had this problem since almost day-1. It was reported here by me as well as others. eleksmaker faffed around with little response but finally John said in an email:

    "This version is really too old, do you mind to buy a new one, but it's kit need to assembly by yourself, I can offer price $99 with shipping cost."

    In other words, buy a new one to replace the one that never worked!

    Don't hold your breath on this one ...... I've written it off.

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