Motherboard in K40..

  • Hello people, I have a friend who has asked me to expand his K40 to give a 650 x 280 internal work area.... not a problem, just some mechanical meddling.

    I am wondering whether to replace the Moshi Board that is fitted with an EleksMaker board, or will T2Laser talk to the existing Moshi Board ?


    if I keep the existing board, will T2Laser be able to by-pass the potentiomenter on the K40 or am I stuck with this if I use the factory fitted Moshi Board ?

    Once the machine has finished it's work, if I am able to use T2Laser with the existing Moshi Board, will the machine still home the carriage to top left ?

    regards to all
    Thanks in advance for any help or answers.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Grant-B Replace the Moshi board and everything will work correctly.

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