Higher Resolution - Scratch-proof

  • Shiva - 6" ceramic tile11_1580852737971_IMG_20200203_183454285.jpg
    Ganesha - 6" ceramic tile 10_1580852737971_IMG_20200203_102604206.jpg
    Halftone Dragon on 6" ceramic tile 9_1580852737970_IMG_20200202_184626974.jpg
    National Geographic cover pic 8_1580852737970_IMG_20200201_183628378.jpg
    Star Wars 2019 - 6" Ceramic tile7_1580852737970_IMG_20200131_170326056_BURST001.jpg
    Deadpool - 6" ceramic tile 6_1580852737969_IMG_20200131_124402754.jpg
    Rey - 6" ceramic tile 5_1580852737969_IMG_20200129_184116512.jpg
    "The Child" - 6" ceramic tile 4_1580852737968_IMG_20200128_161617113.jpg
    A Queen and a Jester - 4" ceramic tile3_1580852737967_83848710_10206674588020239_6506502783422693376_n.png
    Bastet - 6" ceramic tile 2_1580852737966_IMG_20200127_184117245.jpg
    Poseidon - 4" ceramic tile1_1580852737960_IMG_20200124_201104175.jpg
    Leia - 6" ceramic tile0_1580852737955_IMG_20200130_162051165.jpg

  • @KarrMcDebt Nice work there buddy, would love to try this too, what color of tiles are recommended?

  • They are really cool, I wanted to ask about the Deadpool color, it seems to have the highest resolution of all.


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