High Res glass engravings

  • All engravings using EleksMaker A3 Pro 2.5w with upgraded lens:
    Triple-Glazing-Focusing-Lens-Collimating-Coated-Glass-Lens-Blue-Laser-Diode from ebay

    Celtic Cross 6"X4"8_1580853339564_IMG_20191118_225008288.jpg Butterfly Fairy - 8" X 10" Painted Glass7_1580853339564_IMG_20191124_130129787.jpgFairy Child - 8"X 10" painted glass 6_1580853339564_79200284_457598671607757_9056683351074668544_n.jpgRey - 6"X6" painted glass 5_1580853339563_IMG_20191227_162244698.jpgLuke and Leia - 5"X7" painted glass 4_1580853339563_IMG_20191225_213448530.jpgEye Closeup - 8"X10" painted glass 3_1580853339562_IMG_20200103_190224450.jpgRavens - 8"X10" painted glass 2_1580853339562_80831661_813534812425060_4030568297509421056_o.pngHomeless man - 8"X10" painted glass 1_1580853339561_IMG_20191229_100515091.jpgHan Solo - 8"X10" painted glass 0_1580853339560_IMG_20200121_165044458.jpg

  • Brilliant. Well done. Anymore details on the lens upgrade?

  • [£4.32]Triple Glazing Focusing Lens Collimating Coated Glass Lens Blue Laser Diode 405nm-450nm Laser Equipment from Tools, Industrial & Scientific on banggood.com

  • nice work, I imagine that for that level of detail the engraving will take a long time

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