cronos control board

  • Hi zax,i have a cronosmaker control board,can i upload new firmware to this board with t2 laser,not sure what controller chip it has because they have sanded off the numbers on the chip?

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    @gecko4 I don't know if they have multiple designs but I use one on my CNC and uploaded my CNC Z-XY firmware to it so I would expect it to work with my default as well but having not tried it I can't guarantee compatibility.

  • Thanks zax,ok when i try to upload firmware it says programmer not responding -not in sync,and then firmware error reported(tried nano,nano+,mega) also when i try calibrate distance nothing happens on the factory firmware,thats why want to try new firmware. thanks

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    @gecko4 When you tried Nano+ mode did you test different baud rates? The only other option would be to use XLoader which allows a few more settings, it still uses the same utility (AVRDude) as all software but perhaps the board isn't an ATmega328p.

  • Hello zax.i tried different baud rates but still nothing works,i see the board has a ch340g chip so i installed ch340 driver in t2 do i connect using this driver in t2 laser?

  • Hi zax,i think the main chip is a mega 2560 because has 100 pins (model numbers sanded off) with ch340g.tried to upload 1.1f mega 2560 on t2 laser,still wont do it.trys to connect but times out.?? where can i find the 1.1fmega 2560 hex file so i can try another program, xloader maybe. thanks

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    @gecko4 You may have to compile and upload with Arduino IDE, the source is available on github. If you are looking for the firmware that is included with T2Laser, it's in the install directory under the resources folder.

  • Thanks for the info,will try that,if i get things working will let you know.

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