Laser at 100% on Board Powerup

  • I did not assemble this Eleksdraw, however I have used it several times successfully. Today, I took it off my shelf and somehow snagged the cable strain relief that holds the servo cable/laser cable. I have a laser on this unit, no pen.
    The snag was strong enough that the pen servo cable pulled out of the board-mounted connector. I'm confident that I reconnected the servo cable oriented correctly.

    Now when I press the power button, the laser turn on at what looks like 100% power. I disconnected the servo cable and the laser cable connectors at the board and tested them for continuity to see of a conductor was broken. No breaks.

    Does anybody have any suggestions?

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    @NikonErik Pictures may help, you say it's oriented correctly but that would be the first thing I'd check.

  • Thank you for replying. Here you go:


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    @NikonErik You don't have anything connected to the servo cable, right? The servo and laser share the same output pin on the Nano (D11) so you should only be using one at a time. Is it possible the firmware got changed, if it were set for servo mode and a laser connected it would always be on.

  • @Zax Oh Zax! It you to the rescue again! That's the kind of insightful answer I was looking for. Here's my plan for tomorrow night (EST). Considering I was sucessfully using this with T2Laser before. I will connect it to EleksCam again, and Reset the ROM. Then I'll go back to T2Laser and reflash the firmware with EleksMana 0.9i and set it to Laser Mode and CoreXY.....just like you told me to. All of that probably isn't necessary, but going through those motions will innoculate some assumptions I'm making about what I think the state of this machine is in (software-wize).
    Hopefully, that'll do it. I'll report back.
    Of course this happened when I went to set up the unit because I had JUST registered my T2Laser software this morning and wanted to check out a bitmap I'm looking to engrave! And I'm feeling like "why can't I have nice things?!"

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    @NikonErik There is never any need to use Elekscam, T2Laser is a complete package. The reset ROM just uploads their parameters but if flash the firmware from T2Laser that is unnecessary as I include my own defaults.

  • @Zax Following my plan didn't fix my issue. It may be interesting to note that after Resetting ROM in EleksCam and all that, I close it and open T2. I noticed in Settings that Configure EleksMana is available. After I flash EleksMana 0.9i Configure EleksMana is now greyed out! Is it possible my connector is reversed? Will I damage the Servo on the Draw side, or damage the Laser if I reverse that connection? I'm guessing no, but I want to ask first.

  • SOLVED....It seems that with the EleksDraw, the pen servo and the Laser cannot be plugged in at the same time. Since I didn't assemble this and it was given to me by a friend of a friend, the Servo might not have ever been plugged in and I never noticed. I know this Draw worked prior to the day described at the beginning of this thread. On that day, the feeling that the wire snagged on my shelf brought my attention to the unplugged wire. Of course, I plugged it in....and created the non-working condition that confused me for a week. It wasn't until I reflashed the firmware with the Servo coincidentally unplugged did it work again!
    Zax posted on the forum about one of the cables (laser OR pen servo) being connected at a time. This point escaped me. Despite this, Zax has been amazingly supportive and patient with me as I worked through this for the last week. I'd like to publicly thank him (or her) for their support and express that we all should be as supportive with one another as the example that he (or she) sets! What an asset to this community!

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