Arduino to Laser Driver Signal?

  • How does the Arduino tell the Laser Driver to set the output power of the laser?

    Due to a small, accidental snagging of a wire (3-wire servo connector cable) described in this thread:
    ... I'm convinced my trouble is hardware related. So I'm looking to figure out what got damaged and is causing my laser to turn on at 100% power when I "power-on" the board.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @NikonErik Pin D11, it's a TTL/PWM output. If you turn the laser ON at full power that pin should measure >3.5VDC (probably close to 5V since it comes from the PC's USB power). If you set it to OFF it will read <1VDC (should be 0V). Any power value between full on and off will be the same voltage as ON but pulse width modulated so a standard RMS meter will appear to show a variable voltage from off to on as you increase power. An oscilloscope would show the real square waveform.

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