Acrylic mirror sheet.

  • Just tried using T2Laser with my A3 Pro 2.5watt etching onto the back of an A4 sized acrylic mirror sheet.

    Came out pretty well I think :)


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    @AndyJS Nice. Did you do anything special? I've tried engraving mirrors with the diode lasers and never managed to get through the coating, the CO2 does it easy of course.

  • These are acrylic mirror tiles fresh from Amazon (note they are not glass).

    All I did was focus the laser on some 3mm birch ply, lay a sheet of plain A4 white paper on top of that and then lay the mirror tile face down on top of the paper (the plan being that the beam would be focused straight through the mirror tile and onto the white A4). Then I just engraved a flipped image onto the back using a feed rate of 1500, power 255 and resolution of 0.2 (It was initially going to be a quick test so detail wasn't important hence the resolution but came out well enough that I will probably use that in future on these tiles).

  • If I find a sacrificial glass mirror I'll see I can get similar results (wont be long before I break one with my ugly mug lol).
    It could just be that these particular acrylic ones have a very thin backing that's much easier to burn through.

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    @AndyJS I did see these were acrylic, maybe that makes the difference. Thanks for the write up.

  • Ok so this evening I tried engraving onto a 15cm x 15cm glass mirror tile.


    Used dithered mode which surprisingly came out very well.

    P.S. It is a nightmare trying to take a picture of a mirror with a phone camera lol

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    @AndyJS Great job, that came out really clear.

  • @Zax Well the laser and the software did all the hard work :)

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