Servos not moving

  • Hi,

    I know this has been asked before. I've just assembled an EleksDraw machine, and connected it to EleksCam. It seems to be registered fine there, on COM3. However the machine is not responding at all. I'm concerned it may be a faulty power supply. I get a red light when connected via USB, but neither the power supply nor the control board show a light when the power is turned on and connected.

    Any help with this - including any way I can test the power supply independently - would be greatly appreciated.

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    @Liam-Magee When you say "servos not moving" do you mean the pen servo or the stepper motors as well?

    If it's only the servo then most likely a firmware issue but if the steppers aren't moving it's either a power supply or you aren't connected. The power supply is pretty standard, if you have a volt meter it's easy to test or if you have LED strip lights those are also 12VDC so could be used to test it.

  • Thanks for replying @Zax. Both the serve and stepper motoros are not moving. I will check the power supply when I can. The light on the power supply transformer is also not coming on, which it looks like it should.

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    @Liam-Magee If the PSU is disconnected from the Mana board does the light come on? If so, there may be a short on your controller, usually the capacitor on the input goes bad.

  • Thanks again @Zax . The red light? Yes it does go on without power (i.e. only connected via USB).

    Is this something that is easy to fix myself? Or better off returning to the supplier?

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    @Liam-Magee I think you are talking about something else, I was referring to the power supply box.

  • Ah ok. No, even disconnected from the Mana board, the power supply box light is not coming on. Could be the power supply, or a faulty Australian adaptor. Narrows things down, thanks very much for your help. If I get it working, I'll buy a T2Laser license for the benefit of this support alone.

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