T2Laser trial stops

  • I have been doing some tests with T2 and it is still in trial mode. But I am concerned with a couple of the simple runs I have done. For example, I followed the youtube video on setting up a 10mm hatch grid for my base, I got it all set, loaded the gcode, 14-minute runtime. Started it running, 6 minutes in it stopped and the software closed. But it got the outline and horizontal lines drawn. So I started it back up, loaded a new sketch with vertical only lines. ran the gcode and at about 3-4 minutes it again stopped and the software closed.

    I thought it might be the laptop/controller, so I loaded up Elekscam and a scrolling image and set it to running and it did the whole thing at 76 minutes. So I am wondering if this is something that is due to the T2laser trial, or possible some windows error. I like the software and would love to buy it, but I need to be sure it is not crashing on me before paying for non-refundable licenses. Is there a log I can check?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @sixreeves T2Laser trial is limited to 10,000 lines of raster G-code or 1,000 lines of vector. It also has a session limit of 15 minutes so perhaps that's why it is closing? Obviously the registered version has no limits.

  • Ok, that does make more sense, I thought the limits were 10,000 line and 30 minutes. I bet you are right that I am exceeding the lower limit. Thanks, Zax.

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