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  • So let me get this straight.... The only vector type format that T2 will open is dxf and the other one. All others including pdfs,beven if they're generated from vectors, are treated as raster/bitmaps.
    I have a logo the uses black white and 3 shades of grey
    It seems like the best use of T2 for what I'm currently trying to do is to bring in the raster and use T2's Trace function to get the crisp vector outlines I want?
    Is there another way to approach engraving art with black, white and grey fills?

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    @NikonErik T2Laser supports DXF, PLT and PDF vector files. If the PDF is an image then it has no paths and won't load. You would need to use Inkscape or another program to vectorize the content.

    If your logo has shades of grey it isn't a vector. A vector is a path, there is no fill.

    Tracing a raster will generate a vector but if you want it filled with grey scale shades that's a raster format image.

    Show me what you are trying to achieve and I can tell you the best way to do it.

  • I'm not really sure how to approach this, or what software to use. Obviously this is a combination of vectors and rasters. I thought I could engvrave the vector lines, leaving empty space, then in another pass, fill the empty space with greyscale engraving. It's a matter of lining up the two engraving sessions.
    I don't know if I am expecting too much from this technology. I don't know if I could solve some of the problems that are cropping up if I just was better at Illustrator/Inkscape. For example, the rope out line vectors and the hatch fill vector are on different layers. It's proving to be very difficult for me to get them to combine into one layer in a way that a laser can follow.
    I re-drew the logo in Illustrator, but it opens just fine in Inkscape. I want a hatch filled background, but I don't know how to fill the background without filling in the rope outline. For the benefit of the Hatch fill tool, I've added the Eggbot extension to Inkscape.

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    @NikonErik This isn't that difficult, I see a couple of options.

    1. Run it as a raster image, exactly like your illustrator job

    2. Use vector and do pseudo hatch fill to replicate the greyscale (including the ship and flame), you can use lower laser power to get the correct shading by hatch filling with a different color

    There won't be much difference in result or time and 1 is obviously easier.

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