need help on 5 phase steppers

  • I bought a linear stepper actuator, because it had everything I needed for a new Z-axis, but wasn't counting on getting the motor along with it. The motor is a REALLY nice Vexta PK544-BA motor, with a built-in encoder. The axis itself is equally nice, come to think about it, and has integrated optical endstops and mounting points for hardware as well as to mount the axis itself to a larger device.

    Anyway, this motor is ABSURDLY accurate, apparently, so I'd MUCH rather use it than a regular stepper. Does anyone have any idea how to make a driver for one of these? Or where to get one cheap? Or even where to get one that will interface with NanoDLP or GRBL?

    Happy to post pictures for anyone who wants them.

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    @maoxiankou5 The standard driver (L4988) is for bipolar motors, what you have sounds like a unipolar motor.

    You can use a unipolar motors as a bipolar, just use the 2 coils (outside taps), this configuration provides increased torque but since your axis has such a fine leadscrew that is likely not required so they went with the simpler unipolar configuration.

    I would recommend using the standard drivers and bipolar connection.

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